The Butterfly in me
Vlindertje My mom gave me a nickname, Vlindertje (butterfly), not for any reason; I was a little dreamer, often wandering off in my thoughts. We lived on a cargo ship and, on summer days, we sat on the stern deck with fishing rods. My sister and mom had to alarm me when I hooked a... Continue reading →
a story about slow shopping
Instant buying satisfaction To compete with other businesses and please the customer, they use free sending to encourage you to buy without risk. Buy as much as you like, try it out at home, and send back the goods that were not to your likings, and all for free. So customers got used to it... Continue reading →
moving statue summerschool
Festivals We look back at a wonderful launch of the Moving Statue Summerschool. Before, Pepavana was present at various summer festivals with creative textile workshops for kids in the past ten years. Often accompanied by a mum, dad, or grandmother. Secretly enjoying it more than they would admit, to craft, embroider, weave or compose, just for the... Continue reading →
  On 26/27 September, Pepavana participated at the Groot Rotterdams Atelier Weekend. Ruivenstraat Studios exist for only two years, not known to the public yet, so the event was an excellent opportunity to draw attention. Due to corona, many artists were not able to attend exhibitions or art fairs, and the support was very welcoming.... Continue reading →
Since weeks I haven't seen anybody except my man, kids, and dog. I cross the town by bike to my studio in the North. Holding my breath when wrong-way drivers pass me, seems rather stressful, but I love the serenity of my workspace with room for Reflections. And even without assignments, I am never out... Continue reading →
early-bird deal
All early-bird deals are at the bottom of this page! Pepavana Experiences What to do when the new projects come to an end before it even started all right? I am revering to the activities for Airbnb Experiences that I developed recently. For many years now, I design and direct textile workshops for kids and... Continue reading →
skills and crafts
Recycling playground. Since the startup of Pepavana in 2007, I have been using second-hand materials and fabrics to design new products and, at the same time teaching kids and adults my recycling skills. That all started at Studio Hergebruik at the Coolsingel in Rotterdam, a playground for recycling products ànd designers, spread out by initiator... Continue reading →
Open Studio Days  We start in the new year with two days open studio with the Prepare-For-Winter Sale. We have discounted bags, hats & gaiters of felted blankets and tweeds — existing ánd new models. Many forgotten items in storage that are worthwhile looking at, can be purchased for €5,- to €25,-. Are you interested in the... Continue reading →

A permanent spot It was only one month ago that I got the opportunity to rent a permanent studio at the Ruivenstraat 39 in Rotterdam after I had to leave my studio on the Noordereiland. I rented Prins Hendriklaan 10-06 on a temporary base, which was excellent for the time being but now I am surrounded…

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The teaching assignment Last week I was asked by Ebami Tom to co-host a sewing workshop at "Made in 4 Havens", a maker space, located in the harbor area of Rotterdam West. Our assignment was to implement several skills and techniques on different levels for a small group of women. Most of them had little sewing... Continue reading →
bags, hats & gaiters