A story about ‘slow shopping’

a story about slow shopping

Instant buying satisfaction

To compete with other businesses and please the customer, they use free sending to encourage you to buy without risk. Buy as much as you like, try it out at home, and send back the goods that were not to your likings, and all for free. So customers got used to it and expected to get their stuff from the internet any time they liked it.
But there is no such thing as free sending.

Side effects

Think. Somebody has to get paid for sorting and packing that piece of garment. Packing materials cost money too. There is the chauffeur; does he work for free? The cost for the delivery van, gasoline, is not free at all. And then, because people want to have it in their home whenever they please, it causes extra traffic on roads and neighborhoods. Usage of the streets is not only meant for customers that want instant buying satisfaction. The additional traffic on roads and in areas causes pollution. Not to forget the growing irritation of the neighbors, who have to accept that package because people are not even at home to take the new garment they wanted instantly. Pressure is killing the smaller delivery companies that get paid by the number of packages they deliver. That is why they harass the neighbor to take it off their hands. Otherwise, they have to come back later and drive extra without getting paid for that. So how many times does the chauffeur has to go forth and back and forth to please everybody? It cost society and the environment.
Now the more prominent clothing companies seem to make enough profit to take most of the direct sending costs for their account. Still, they do not pay for all the other effects ‘free delivery’ causes on the environment and our community.

People, Planet and Prosperity

We think it is good to keep in mind the three P’s when we are in the internet business. First, people, Planet and Prosperity, should be in harmony. Second, we cannot stop the deliveries to save the planet, but we can use it more wisely and only buy what we want in the numbers we need to avoid unnecessary returns.

Fitting Experience

Why not share the risk? As an internet business, we strive to inform you as well as we can. For example, we sent fabric samples, free of charge, in an envelope so you can make a good choice before you order. We have email, What’s App, Facebook, and telephone to answer all your questions. We have ‘live chat’ on the website with a natural person. This way you get personal advice from the designer herself;) And we offer ‘fitting experience’ in one of the stores in the Netherlands and at design and fashion fairs.

If you live in the Netherlands, you are welcome to visit the studio in Rotterdam North. That is possible on appointment or during the ‘Fitting Experience’ events.

NB: When we offer free sending on occasion or with minimal spending, Pepavana pays the costs and has less profit on the purchase, but that is okay! And you are always free to ignore the offer:)

We are here to help

Of course, we will not let you down when a product does not meet your expectations and always try to find a solution. We accept returns according to our General Terms and Conditions.


upcoming events

  • 25-26 September’21 GRAW Groot Rotterdams Atelier weekend
  • Friday 19 and Saturday 20 November’21 Fit & buy on the spot & Studio Sale (show- and outlet models) Ruivenstraat 39 Rotterdam

As always, you are welcome to visit us at the studio anytime. We offer made-to-measure service on an appointment, for bags, hats, and gaiters!

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I wrote this blog back in 2017 with the title: “There is no such thing as free sending”, and let it sit for a while. But then, it is still a present issue.  And after a period of lockdowns, we ordered a lot online, me too. And not always to my satisfaction, so I know shopping online can also be troublesome, especially if there is no other option. Now I know most of my customers are conscious about fashion and about shopping.  They enjoy the process of ‘slow shopping’, get informed, try before you buy when you have the opportunity.  I hope to provide a satisfying shopping experience for all of you! 


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    Due to a silly accident on my bike I had to cancel the fitting experience this weekend! Instead of a Studio Sale I am offering all gaiter show models we have for pleasant prices here in the webshop. In the next days I will add some other items too from our stock, so check the Sale categorie.

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