About Pepavana

The Continuous Collection

Characteristic for Pepavana is the continuous collection Bags, Hats & Gaiters. Men and women who want to make a difference in this world can choose fashion items that are sustainable while exclusive and classy. We use recycled and eco-friendly materials for our designs. We make all products on order.


Pepavana concentrates on an accessory for high heels, Pepavanas! A niche product, attractive in winter and a fashion statement in other seasons. Women can create their style by choosing from the different models and materials.

Slow Fashion with an edge

When Pepa van Asperen started her label she never intended to take after the fashion system. She decided to deliver her designs on demand as long as materials were around. Personal contact and (made to measure) service is essential.

Creating original and well-executed accessories of sustainable fabrics that will last longer result in a continuous collection of Bags, Hats & Gaiters available for an unlimited time in the materials that are currently available. A line of Pepavana Originals that is continuously improved and completed with new models and variations.

With her operation, she set up to prove that transforming used and biological materials can result in classy and exclusive products. Pepa works and sells her designs from her local workshop, based in Rotterdam North in The Netherlands.


To keep the collection edgy she investigates and searches for boundaries of discomfort. As a result of that, object-like accessories take shape.


Pepa gets her inspiration out of classic (work) clothes and folklore and items from her childhood on a freight ship like the typical docker’s salopettes. Tibetan hats, farmers or skippers caps, Zuidwesters, headscarves, gaiters. The small cotton shopping bags made by her grandma for going ashore to fetch bread. Fashion (icons) from the twenties and later.

me and de presto

Background  Rotterdam 1963

She learned to sew from both her grandmothers and made her first pair of soul jeans when she was 12 years old. But the ground for her craftsmanship was founded by her dad who teaches her to work properly and accurate on the common tasks on the ship. After working as a theater designer before, she became a full time mother for a number of years. In her spare time she started to design hats and gaiters from vintage blankets and got connected to Studio Hergebruik in Rotterdam.

Pepavana’s Vision

Pepavana presents and sells her designs yearly on Fashion and Design Fairs in the Netherlands like Meesterlijk, Object Rotterdam and Go Fashion Fair and since 2016 abroad in Italy Milan at Masterly and in Frankfurt at Tendence and Ambient. In the Netherlands, her products are available in stores in Utrecht, Den Bosch and Rotterdam.

Icons like artist & musician Ellen ten Damme wear her accessories.

Pepa works from her Rotterdam Studio and delivers to private persons and shop owners. She likes to work behind the scenes on new designs and assignments, meeting her clients at design fairs and the studio.

The customer is an affluent woman who is outgoing, likes art, design or theatre. She wants to stand out, and this exclusive accessory underlines her independence. She possibly cares about the environment, but she appreciates personal attention and service.

“The challenge is to give this item a place in women’s wardrobe,

similar to other basics like bags and hats or gloves.”