Moving Statue Summerschool

moving statue summerschool


We look back at a wonderful launch of the Moving Statue Summerschool. Before, Pepavana was present at various summer festivals with creative textile workshops for kids in the past ten years. Often accompanied by a mum, dad, or grandmother. Secretly enjoying it more than they would admit, to craft, embroider, weave or compose, just for the fun of it. Slow down with a valid excuse;) It was the perfect place to do so.

You could find us at the legendary Katendrecht. In this former red district neighborhood with many Chinese restaurants and tatoo shops, sailors went ashore for a drink and female companionship. Nowadays it is a popular spot to live and hang-out, eat, drink, or visit the local theatre.

One of those yearly festivals is the lovely ‘Welkom Thuis Straat Theater Festival’.  A local festive with funny street acts in a typical holiday atmosphere. At the Pepavana stand, kids could create a holiday memory, a friendship bracelet, indoor flip-flops from cardboard and fabric, and more.



Unfortunately, due to Corona, the latest editions were canceled. From their dream to give everybody a chance, the organization decided to bring the festival to the children instead. With the Moving Statue Summerschool, we went to four different neighborhoods in Rotterdam.
Children attended theater and design lessons for four days in a row. Then, on the fifth day, they presented their street act to a live audience of friends and family. Framed in a festival atmosphere with excellent performances of professional artists. And last but not least, a vintage ice-cream pushcart with yummy oreo taste.

It was quite a challenge to make this a success, but it was! I enjoyed the coöp with the different theater teachers, and the little spirits participating in the project. It was the first encounter with culture for many of them, particularly with theater and design. Eventually, they pulled it off and got their well-deserved applause! I honestly had to wipe off some emotional tears when they made their bow.

A little impression of the summer school lessons & rehearsals on this page.  For more photos of the event, visit Moving Statue 2021.

ps: In 2022 Sjaak and Femke, the founders of Pascific Enterprises Unlimited, ended all activities, including the websites. All links in this article are inactive.

Future projects and lessons for adults

We hope to be part of future festivals and projects with creative workshops for all children. You can read more about Pepavana’s vision of teaching skills and craft here. And when you secretly want to play and learn some techniques yourself, contact us.

We organize tailor-made workshops for kids ànd for adults. You can enlist with a group of friends, family, or colleagues.  Get an idea on our DIY page!

All photos are by Pepavana. Contact us when you want to use a photo from the website.

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