Monica | gaiters in Sixties Style



Monica, an accessory in sixties style, specially designed for high heels made of 100% natural wool felt. Choose from the menu for a blond, brown, or black melange. Or go for the Two Tones with contrasting lining.




Monica has a perfect fit and stays up in a natural way, with the feel and look of the fabric. This design has three adjustable velcro closures in front and one that goes underneath the shoe (the sole strap) Wear them over pantyhose or skinny jeans. The material is warm plus water and dirt repellent. It can be washed by hand if necessary, but dry cleaning is preferred.


Length of the gaiter 38 cm

Length of the adjustable sole straps 6 to 8 cm

Package and storage box: 51 x 25 x 5,5 cm


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