The assignment

Last week I was asked by Ebami Tom to co-host a sewing workshop at “Made in 4 Havens”, a maker space, located in the harbor area of Rotterdam West. Our assignment was to implement several skills and techniques on different levels for a small group of women. Most of them had little sewing experience, but we needed to challenge the ones with more skills.

Made in 4 Havens

At the studio here at Made in 4 Havens, production of fashion items are made by local women for several clients already.

We could implement all these requirements, by sewing a cotton tote bag with volume and pockets. Since I am a bag designer, I showed them a couple of bag designs that illustrated the different orders and difficulties. The students could choose to make one with a loose hanging inner pocket or a volume pocket on the front. They also had to make an application on it.


Kim and I gave instructions on how to use the industrial sewing machines and the lockers. The first step was to make a square test cloth on these machines. During class, we attended the students personally, guided them through the whole process of design and executing at the different stages of making a tote bag.

Eventually, all the students had used the different skills at their level and made a personalized tote bag.

Kim van Eijnatten is a fashion specialist that, apart from teaching how to sew, keeps her footprint small by selling rare second-hand finds at “Nonsens Vintage“.

Ebami visited my studio in Heijplaat a couple of years ago in search for Rotterdam Designers, and later on, I attended the Design Market at Made in 4 Havens.

We were all excited about working together and hope this trial will result in a future series sewing lessons.

Making Mittens   |   Making Slippers   |   Making Hats


Aan de hand van diverse patronen en stappenplannen maak je stoere gevoerde wanten of armwarmers, sloffen, slippers of een muts. Kies verschillende stoffen voor elk patroondeel en maak een applicatie naar eigen ontwerp op het voorpand. We maken gebruik van verschillende technieken, op de naaimachine of naald & draad, borduren, rijg- en festonsteek en flisofixen met de strijkbout. Naast de fijne kneepjes van het vak leert Pepa  je vooral creatieve oplossingen te zien wat verrassende resultaten oplevert. Kleine groepen, veel aandacht & ontspanning met verse koffie/thee & wafels van Stroop Rotterdam.  Tijdens de workshop is voldoende basis materiaal aanwezig om te gebruiken.

evt. zelf meenemen:

  • eigen kleding om her te gebruiken. -Noorse trui, sweather, t-shirts, jeans, leren jasje, corduroy broek, fleecetrui etc-
  • eigen naaimachine


  • € 30,- p.p. voor 1x Winter Workshop Avond, materiaal, 1 koffie| thee met stroopwafel.
  • € 47,50 p.p. voor 2 Winter Workshop Avonden, materiaal, 1 koffie| thee met stroopwafel.
  • € 75,- p.p. voor 3 Winter Workshop Avonden, materiaal, 1 koffie| thee met stroopwafel.

Locatie:  Stroop aan de Mathenesserweg 21 te Rotterdam

Elke woensdag avond keuze uit 3 thema’s : Making Mittens  |  Making Slippers  |  Making a Hat

  • 19.00 – 21.30 uur | 3 december 2014
  • 19.00 – 21.30 uur | 10 december 2014
  • 19.00 – 21.30 uur | 17 december 2014

Vooraf aanmelden: of contact Pepa

Vermeld naam, adres en workshop datum of -data.  Je ontvangt dan vanzelf een bevestiging met betaalverzoek.

scooter mitten

As every year after the summer holiday, everybody is welcome at this wonderful festival at Katendrecht where you can sit in the sand with a colorful drink, enjoy music, street theater, dancing & dining, while kids create an original summer memory with Pepavana.

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