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Summer of Love

Inspired by the Summer Of Love ’67, we designed a contemporary workshop making phone covers or -books from cardboard & fabric. During the long summers, we used to idle (niksen) or read books, but nowadays kids play with their mobile phones, so we are going to make a combination: phone books.

Only heart Club Bende

Whatever theme we invent for a workshop, kids love to cut out hearts and flowers, so why not make it a theme! For the younger children, I will prepare big flowers and hearts cut out of cardboard to make a hippy headband or bracelet.

We can do variations of this workshop in any theme you like; contact us for the possibilities.


The booklet or cover is suitable for everything you like, apart from protecting your phone you can keep all sorts of things in it. It is easy to extend it with extra pockets and features, it is all up to you. The result is really practicable, which makes it a durable crafting experience.

Hippie Kids

For the younger ones in the group, we will craft a Hippie flower headband or bracelet together. Very easy to do with the maximum festive effect: thread a stripe of fabric through the cuts in the cardboard flower and paste the flower with colorful fabric to complete the headband or bracelet, and voila! You can attach yarn strings with cut-out hearts from the truck tarp plastic we use.

Skills we learn

  • sense of space
  • motivity: by cutting forms with the scissors
  • challenge creativity
  • design

Vantage Pepavana workshops

  • achievable on different levels
  • child-safe materials
  • choose your own theme
  • craft together (kids, teens, carers, etc)
  • sustainable
  • challenging

At Pepavana Workshops, everybody can work on his or her level of experience and skills. So it is not a surprise that we love to mix the old and the young. We encourage you to look at each other’s work and help each other; it is fun! Naturally, we will tell you all about the Tips & Tricks of making a ‘Summer of Love’ gadget during class.

The workshop is suitable for groups of about 10-15 children at a time and will take about 1-2 hours so that everybody can finish their work at their own pace.

Order information

For groups bigger than 15 persons, they must be split up into smaller groups. Order the number of workshops required on the menu. The time and date will be in consultation with Pepavana. If you prefer, we can plan the different groups on the same day.

For workshops on location, in or outside, at a festival or otherwise, we offer a Workshop Afternoon. At a workshop afternoon, everybody draws up to the table; choose this option on the menu if you want an ongoing workshop on location. The duration of the Workshop Afternoon is 4-6 hours.

After ordering the workshop options on the menu, we will get in touch with you about further details. An invoice will be sent later on with VAT specifications on it

What’s included?

  • workshop at the studio or the location
  • materials: cardboard, fabrics, glue, wool, beads etcetera
  • some prefabricated cut-outs for a quick start
  • take home your finished item

Location: Classroom Pepavana Ruivenstraat 39 Rotterdam

Questions about your workshop? Call me at 0641637798 or contact us here.

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Additional information

Pepavana"s Only Heart Club Bende

1-2 hour workshop, workshop afternoon


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