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In the 3-hour workshop for teenagers, you can learn new skills while creating an original sweater design in an intimate and informal atmosphere at the invigorating surrounding of a designer’s studio.

We work with groups from 4 to 6 persons.

Join in now. We ask you to pay a minim of 50% in advance to cover for the investment of the materials that are needed.



The Sweater Design Workshop is the first in a row of the ‘No Sweat’ workshops for teenagers. No Sweat: A task that is easy or simple — usually said in response to being asked to perform it, to mean you will do it and it won’t be difficult for you.

On request, Pepavana organizes the Sweater Design Workshops. Under her guidance, you will be able to design your sweater on your own level of experience with the sewing machine.

How to design a sweater in a nutshell

I am sure you exactly know what you want from a garment. I will help you to realize your ideas into an actual original by yourself. So first we start drawing, making sketches and the design.

We start by copying the basic pattern for a sweater and then make it fit your size. Then adjust the paper pattern to your sweater idea. For example:

  • Cut the template in different parts if you like to create colour blocking.
  • Make an application on the front- or arm parts.
  • You might like to transform the idea of a sweater into a mini dress.
  • Leave out the brims.
  • Change the neckline.
  • Add a pocket.

It is all up to you. And after we made the designs, we start cutting out the patterns and begin sewing on the machines.

To personalize your sweater you can make a collage by using an ironing technique. Or use other methods like wild embroidery, Sashiko stitching, weaving or macramé.  The studio is a true haberdashery, so you will find what you need to create an original sweater.

How to apply for the workshop

Apply by ordering in the webshop with a group of friends or classmates with minimal four persons. Then make an appointment by email on a date and time that suits you best. The workshop takes place at the studio, Ruivenstraat 39 Rotterdam.

Prices are per person for a 3-hour workshop including materials and refreshments. Mention in your email all of your favorite colour combinations and eventual food allergies I have to take into account.

Tip: Bring an old sweater that you can use for defining your size or reuse it for your design.

Extra attention

In case you need more time because you have zero experience in sewing, you can finish your design in an extra lesson the next available day. Be more prepared by taking a private sewing lesson first to get to know the sewing machine and learn simple sewing skills.

Any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a reply.

Additional information

down payment

I pay everything now, I pay half now and half later


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