Art Deco Hat in lovely pastels, a hint of Spring in Wintertime

art deco hat sweet
art deco hat sweet


One of my favourite items are the lovely bonnets for women and girls in Art Deco style. We use mostly vintage woollen blankets, of well known Dutch Labels like Van Wijk and Abee. Essential in the process of making these hats is the treatment they get afterwards. To get the perfect fit and apparel, they are washed and felted by hand piece by piece.

Other items made according to this method are the flat caps (with or without earflaps), gaiters, a cute cut bag with leather handles and the round patchwork (living room) pillows. All one of a kind product

Product Description

Bonnet in Art Deco Style for girls and ladies of all ages.

Head size approximately 57 cm.

For a perfect fit, wash and tumble dry the hat and wear it!

Additional Information

Dimensions 57 cm


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